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package weigth 250g

  • The Ginger Dark Chocolate has a lovely balance of flavours with the 75% Peruvian dark chocolate that harnesses the spiciness of the Peruvian crystallised ginger beautifully. Dark chocolate has slight bitter notes that balance out the ginger spice and sweetness perfectly. Easy to break apart the little mountain peaks of the bars. Packaging is all compostable and easy to dispose of in your own home compost or if you have a home compost bin service. Weight (2 bars): 60g
  • These moreish date balls are decadently coated in organic Peruvian dark chocolate. The chocolate having been sourced from the Chulucanas region, in north Peru, and is made from Criolla cocoa beans. Peruvian Criollo beans have a fruity, winey, bitter flavor which suits the fiery heat of the crystallised ginger in the centre. The dates are tender Aseel dates that have a caramel taste and give balance to the bitter chocolate and warming ginger pieces in the centre.

    Great as an on the go snack or out at the beach or a walk in the forest. Would look great served at the end of dinner served, just as they are or cracked open and served with some ice cream or sorbet.

    4balls per bag, bag is compostable.
    Vegan friendly


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